Thursday, December 1, 2016

Music! Music!

Let's see. This is my week: Tuesday night, I rehearsed The Messiah with the Malaspina Choir. Last night (Wednesday), I made a 45-minute trip to Duncan to rehearse The Messiah with the Cowichan Choir (and Malaspina Choir. We're teaming up.) This afternoon, I met with Thursday Writers. We did not sing. Tonight, there's church choir.Tomorrow, off to Duncan again for another rehearsal. Saturday, a rehearsal with Vox (for our dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol - with carols) , then to Duncan for the Messiah performance. Next week there will be more rehearsals, but here in town, rather than in Duncan, thank goodness. The Cowichan group will come up here to perform The Messiah with us for a Nanaimo audience. Two sing-along Messiahs in a week -- bliss.

Altogether, I'm just about ready to collapse -- but I'm loving every minute of it. I don't know how I managed to retain any semblance of sanity in those years when I didn't sing. When I was in my early fifties, singing with a choir and with my own little quartet to boot, I suddenly started sounding like a frog. My allergies had decided to control my life. I stopped singing altogether, and just took the practice up again a couple of years ago -- not long before I was diagnosed with cancer, actually. There was a time -- two times -- when I was afraid I'd never be able to sing again, but all is well now. I have no breath control, but then I never did have any breath control.

Life is just full of surprises and second chances and joyful moments, isn't it? Happy Advent, everyone.

Photos:  Advent wreath - Google images
              Posters - Malaspina Choir and Vox

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